We opened an account today (10/25/2011) to help Rinne, as her recovery will take longer than the vacation and sick leave time she has available to her. Because Rinne couldn't sign the signature card, the name on the account is in Mom's name, Rochelle Saling, and her son's name, Nicholas Chavez. All contributions will go to directly to Rinne's expenses.

(Note: If you right click on the links, and choose "Open in new tab" you can refer to these instructions in this tab if needed).


Snail mail, or walk in:

You can send a check directly to the bank where the account is held, or walk in to any Chase Bank branch with this information.

Make the check payable to:
Rochelle Saling or to Nicholas Chavez

Include the account number on the check in the memo area and/or include a note with instructions to deposit in this account:
Account number: 980431951

Send to:
Chase Bank
36132 Hidden Springs Rd
Wildomar, CA 92595


Chase Bank customers:

If you have a Chase account, you can use Chase Quickpay to donate.

You can find a Chase Quickpay demo here:

1) Log into your account,
2) Click on "Payments and Transfers"
3) Click on "Person to Person QuickPay"
4) Click on "Options and Settings"
5) Click on "Add" underneath Recipients
6) Enter this information for name and email address
          Rochelle Saling or to Nicholas Chavez


Non Chase customers:

Non Chase customers, can use Quickpay, by registering here:

Enter your own information - name, address, email address, etcetera.
Create quickpay user information.
Enter your checking or savings account information from which to withdrawl funds.
Check your email for verification code.

On the screen after verifying your email address, click on send money.
Click add recipient, and enter this information:
          Rochelle Saling or to Nicholas Chavez

Note: If you are making a one time contribution, and it's under $250, you will not be required to go through the additional step of verifying the two small deposits (under $1 each) that Quickpay will add to your account. (They do this to confirm the account exists before making repeated or large withdrawls). You can think of these small deposits as a thank you for contributing. :)



To donate via Paypal, send to


From your own bank's website:

From your account, use Bill Pay on your banks website.
Information you will need to send a contribution from your own banks website:
Chase Bank
36132 Hidden Springs Rd
Wildomar, CA 92595
(951) 678-9231
Account number: 980431951

Thank you so very much to those who have contributed, and to those who wish they could!

If you have any problems, or questions at all, please let us know!