Project Eagle

March 13, 2005
The door is done! Yippee-ya-hooooo-ki-ay!

Weekend one: Boy, talk about adventures! After removing the doors, we took them apart down to the frames. We then cleaned the frames, and welded them together. Our nephew Taylor was here to help, and to learn to weld. He did a great job, and helped a lot. This weekend we also removed all the air door accessories, and air lines.


Weekend two: As you can tell from these pics, we had all hands on deck this weekend. We accomplished a lot of grinding, sanding and painting our now single door frame. We traced a template for the window, so we can get that ordered. By the end of the weekend, we were able to put aluminum siding in place.


Weekend three: The top aluminum piece was a focus for this weekend - cutting, riveting into place, and painting. We also made the template for the drivers window so we can order that at the same time as the entry door window.


Overall: Thought you might like to see before and after pics! I am so impressed with the work we have done! If I had been told a couple years ago that we would be this involved in this bus thing, I would have had my doubts, but look at us now!